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The Professional Home Business Academy was founded in October 2014. The Founders of the Academy have over sixty years combined experience in the Home Business Industry and have built organizations to the hundreds of thousands developing priceless experience on that journey.

The Home Business Industry is facing huge challenges in this era and the chances of someone being successful are diminishing. These aren’t simply our observations,  but based on statistics from agencies such as the Direct Selling Association (DSA) which show that while the numbers of people getting involved in the Home Business Industry are increasing, the revenue produced per head of those involved is decreasing dramatically. In fact the DSA show that over 99% of all those in a Home Business fail to make a profit.

So what’s going on? Why is there such a seemingly ridiculous failure rate? Well some of the issues can be summarized as:

The economy is down – stress is up. The Baby Boomers that promoted the rapid expansion of the Home Business and many other Industries are dieing, retiring, spending less and therefore shrinking the market.

Regulatory issues have impacted the Home Business Industry on a seemingly ever increasing basis.

There is fierce competition.

There is an incredible lack of professionalism in the Home Business Industry and a complete lack of educational standards. The education that is available is therefore extremely confusing and mostly stems from the “boom” times which bear no relation to what is required today.

Finally the cost of customer acquisition is higher than ever – the same for lead acquisition.


So, the Professional Home Business Academy was founded as a solution to these issues and to create a platform that would enable many, many more to succeed with a Home Based Business.

Just like in Real Estate, where if you have skills, revenue and become truly professional, you can be successful in the dramatically stressed Real Estate Industry. If you have the competency and confidence in the Home Business Industry and can generate revenue to sustain, then you can be successful in the stressed Home Business Industry.

The Professional Home Business Academy then focuses on:

Teaching how to monetize every hour they spent on business.

Teaching how to monetize lead acquisition.

Teaching the skills necessary for success in today’s home business environment. No “fluff” or meaningless padding, simply focused skills training.

Teaching professionalism and ethical conduct in the home business industry.

Providing solid information on evaluating businesses and identifying non-legitimate opportunities to keep people away from scams.

Providing high-value lead magnets for monetization and lead generation.PHBA_Web

Teaching how to measure, monitor and systematically improve hourly rate of compensation for business activity and teaching how to be profitable literally immediately.

Providing all of the above in modular, systematic, easy to follow training in an incredibly affordable platform.

In fact full Membership is an incredible $29.92. Full Members also are free Referral Partners and just by referring two others to the Academy, their own cost is more than covered permanently!

For those that wish to, the Academy then is an excellent income stream in and of itself as it will help anyone looking for success in the Home Business Industry regardless of whether they are currently in an opportunity. The Academy is 100% generic and a safe place for any individual or group to learn skills that will totally help their existing business grow.

As one of the three co-Founders, I take that responsibility extremely seriously so please feel free to ask any questions.

If you’d like to learn more about a full Membership, the starting point is here:

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