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Hello, I’m Andrew Smith, Founder of the Better Ideas Team.

This is my personal site and blog built to share tools, strategies, tips, resources and hopefully things of interest if you are looking to be a successful purpose-driven entrepreneur.

This is the “About” part of the site so a little about me.

I have been a full time entrepreneur for over 20 years. Having built and sold highly successful “traditional” businesses in the special events industry, I was drawn to the home business industry and its promise financial freedom from home.

Truth be told, like so many others, I found the reality of building a successful home based business to be way more challenging than I had ever expected.

Once I realized that skills I thought I could use didn’t transfer to the home business industry, I set about learning what it took to achieve success.

One of the absolute joys of the home business industry is that success depends on reaching down and helping others up, so I also set about learning how best to share the skills I learned with others. This site is a large part of that mission to share those skills and hopefully shorten the learning curve for you.

The tag line of the Better Ideas Team is “where rookies become pros and pros become leaders”. Wherever you are on that spectrum, the evolution always continues as we learn “Better Ideas”.

The Better Ideas here then are deliberately not called “Best Ideas”. I truly do welcome your feedback and questions, as I am constantly striving for improvement personally and in the information I share.

Click the links at the top to learn more about the assets I work with and should you decide that one or more are right for you, I look forward to helping you build your own success.

The contact page has all the means of getting in touch with me. I regularly charge for coaching, but I’m happy to have a consultation with you at no charge to learn more about your challenges, hopes and experiences and see if something I use makes sense for you.

You will find the exact resources and systems I use, the lessons I have learned, the pitfalls and things to avoid and above all else you will find this site to be truthful and realistic. I give you my word that I will never “sell” you into anything that makes no sense for you and I always promise to be candid. In return I ask the same from you.

If you haven’t already done so, please grab a copy of my e-book “The 10 Pitfalls of a Home Based Business and How to Avoid Them”. This is a resource that I could sell, but prefer to offer it at no cost at the order form to the right of this page in exchange for sending you an occasional email with other tips and resources. You can of course stop those emails any time if you wish.

This e-book was written from the heart and from experience and I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

Welcome again then to  I hope I provide you with value and again, I do appreciate your feedback.

Andrew Smith